About me

I refuse mastery. I see limits of traditional forms of knowing. My art has no special aim, I rather create space for encounter. I seek the beginning. Sometimes I listen, other times I speak, that is all.



My story is about change. I stepped out of my design cereer after 15 years of architectural experience. In the proces of self-realisation I became an artist and philosopher. I dived into art in order to connect the mind and the body. 

In 1995 I graduated (MA) from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Interior Design. In 2015 I graduated from doctoral studies at Faculty of Media Arts with an open doctoral thesis in media arts with the supervision of Professor Leon Tarasewicz.

Since 1995, in close cooperation with architects, I accomplished many architectural projects in public and private spaces. Since 2012 I became an active visual artist and recently I engaged in philosophy (doctor candidate).

I write about philosophy and art. In years 2005-2015 I am the co-author (Anda Rottenberg, Dorota Szaroszyk) of a series of interviews with Polish contemporary artists, published in Dobre Wnętrze magazine, publisher Murator.

I received two important prizes: in 2010 - winner of 2nd prize in the competition for Museum of Poles Saving Jews in Markowa (team with Cube Architekci Kubicki & Mizielinski). Publication in Arch no 10, 01/02 2012; in 2015 - finalist of Celeste Prize 2015 in the field of painting.

I participate in academic and cultural life: exhibitions, publications. In 2013-15 I am the founder and  member of Program Board of Gallery STYK.